“The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.”   – Thomas Jefferson


The Globalization of Film: An In-depth Look at China and Hollywood

“The international success of one of the year’s worst movies highlights how globalization has changed the dynamics of the production of major films. With the growing appeal of global markets, Hollywood has transnationalized blockbuster films, de-culturating them in order to appeal to those global audiences. China, seeing this as a way to perform better in the free market and as a way to gain soft power, has begun to do the same…”

A Literature Review: Panda Diplomacy

“Despite China’s shifting status on the global stage over the years–and its accompanying shifting priorities–the literature on panda diplomacy shows that China has been able to successfully and consistently use the panda in various ways as a tool for public diplomacy…”

Queer Theory and Gay Representation in Film

“In the past two years, the production of multiple films has drawn attention to how gay people are represented in film. Moonlight, Call Me By Your Name, and especially Love, Simon are just a few films that have been recently lauded for the way they portray gay people. However, films historically do not have the best track record when it comes to how they portray characters that do not fit the normative mold of heterosexuality…”

Situation Analysis of Yellow Fever in Nigeria

“Fifteen years since the last outbreak of Yellow Fever, Nigeria has recently confirmed multiple cases of the disease. Because of the dangerous potential for the disease to spread quickly, a health response plan and a way to communicate that plan must be created…”


Faculty Spotlight: Renée Botta

“Throughout her career, Dr. Botta has worked on health communication projects around the globe, and she brings this experience into the classroom. Focusing on real-life projects and campaigns, Dr. Botta translates the theory her students learn in the classroom into how practice looks in the real world…”

Participatory Business Training Manual - Excerpts (written for Dr. Renée Botta)

This manual is a collection of activities meant to guide participants through important aspects of selling a product–in this case, hand soap. It is part of a health communication campaign being conducted in Haiti.

Objectives & Strategies for a Communications Campaign

This is an objectives and strategies assignment for a communication campaign class at the University of Denver. The goals listed are actual organization goals and the objectives are communication objectives that seek to accomplish the organization goals.

Thoughts From the Intern - A blog post for Colorado Water Trust

“When I started at Colorado Water Trust last month as the Communications and Development Intern, I really had no idea what I was getting into. I thought restoring flows to rivers…cool! Sounds pretty straightforward. But there’s a lot more to it than I realized…”